Chow Chow


Syringe free icon  Vaccination : Up to Date

Passport free icon  Passport : Available

Healthcare free icon  Health Insurance : Included 

Microchip free icon  ISO Microchip : Included 

Certified free icon  Healthcare Guarantee : Included 

Standard size premium icon  Size :  Medium

Colour free icon  Color : Off white 

Pedigree free icon  FCI Pedigree : Included 

Pet friendly free icon  Sex : Female

Aging premium icon  Age : 6 Months Old 

Scale free icon Weight    :    Documented

Pet carrier free icon   IATA Approved Shipping Cage ( Air Travel ) : Included 

Delivery truck free icon   Door Steps Delivery : Included 

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Chow chow puppies are not generally social, active dogs. They will, in general, be unapproachable with outsiders and can be forceful with different pooches, yet are committed and defensive of their family. They will, in general, be reserved with outsiders and can be forceful with other dogs. This is fitting with their history as gatekeeper hounds for homes and domesticated animals. Early socialization to different mutts, pets, and individuals is significant. They may become irritation barkers if their caution yelping isn’t in control. If you want to have more insights concerning it and need to discover the chow chow puppies for sale then visit us or check out our website for more details.

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